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Edinburgh Property Rentals
At Edinburgh Property Rentals we offer a range of properties from single occupancy, family homes and commercial premises.
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Edinburgh Property Rentals

At Edinburgh Property Rentals we offers a wide variety of properties for rent including domestic properties and commercial premises. Our property portfolio has been built up over the last decade and we take great effort to ensure they are of the highest standard possible. The majority of our properties are within Edinburgh but in recent years we have diversified into other areas of Scotland. This website aims to eventually provide a comprehensive list of all the properties that we provide, including particulars available to view online for every property.

Domestic Lets

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We decided to take the attitude that we would only rent out accommodation that we ourselves would be happy to stay in and this has been the ethos we have kept. Also, between every change over we insure the paintwork etc is fresh and the properties are in as good condition as the day we renovated them.

We started off mainly renting single bedroom flats and this was originally due to the fact that leases are more straight forward when multiple occupancy is not involved. However, the more experience we picked up of the rental marked, the more confident we became in diversifying from this formula.

We now have houses as well as flats and we are continually adding to our property portfolio. We have the relevant experience and importantly the relevant qualifications to draw up leases for domestic properties and the minimum contract for our domestic properties is six month lease. We are members of The Scottish Landlord Association and we use Safe Deposit Scotland to manage all tenant deposits.  

Commercial Lets

We offer a variety of commercial premises and these include offices, shops and agricultural land. All these properties are again maintained to a very high standard and we use a selection of commercial surveyors to draw up the lease agreements for our commercial properties. Our intention at some stage is to diversify the commercial side even further.

For our commercial premises, we use established surveyors and we have built up a good working relationship with industry professionals over the years. The commercial premises are soley rented on long term leases and this gives great security to the tenant as well as to us.